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  1. I understand that I am about to receive instant access to Ustadh Mohtanick Jamil's Premium Alphabet Course.
  2. I look forward to taking advantage of this revolutionary curriculum, which is based on the Fundamentals Criterion Principle, to enable me to read, write and properly pronounce Arabic through 21 easy lessons.  (Total hours of instruction: approximately 11 hours)
  3. I know that these video lessons and the associated exercises and transcripts will enable me to master reading, writing and pronunciation even if I have never studied Arabic before (i.e. there are no pre-requisites for this course).
  4. I understand that every penny I submit towards this course will be credited to me for future tuition in the Shariah Program's renowned Fundamentals of Classical Arabic program if I choose to further my studies. (I will be paying $196 LESS than the stated tuition for the main Shariah Program system thus effectively making today's course free).
  5. As a Bonus, I know I will receive the 8-lesson Bonus Module, which will go beyond the fundamentals and into the sciences of Grammar and Morphology, showing me how to conjugate verbs, create the active and passive voice and form simple verbal and nominal sentences.  
  6. I have a VERY strong desire to learn the Arabic language and I am really excited about it.

- I understand that by responding to this offer I have absolutely nothing to lose. (In fact I can only gain). First, I am protected by a 30 day unconditional guarantee, which means that within the 30 day period for whatever reason or for no reason at all, if I'm not fully satisfied with this course, I can request and get a complete refund without needing to fill any forms, send anything back, or otherwise jump through any hoops. No questions, no hassles. 

- If I choose to study beyond 30 days, I will STILL be protected by the SECOND GUARANTEE for a further 60 days (90 days from purchase date). If within this period, I watch all the materials and give it my full attention and am still not satisfied, I can still contact you and get not only my initial investment, but double the amount submitted, refunded to me. The only condition is that I actually go through the entire course first and watch every video.

- In a minute from now, I will be redirected to PayPal in order to submit payment. I understand that studies have shown that if I leave without ordering I will instantly forget about this offer and miss out...

- I really want this now. Stop making me wait. Sign me up.

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If you select the two payment option you will be billed $97 immediately, then one more time 30 days from the purchase date for a total of $196.00 
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You make one single payment of $196 and you wll not be billed again. 
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